National Toy Fox Terrier Association is the World's biggest organization for Toy Fox Terriers and their breeders. It accepts as members only the World's most appreciated Toy Fox Terrier breeders.

Toy Fox Terrier Kennels is the only European TFT kennel, that has been accepted into the higly appreciated National Toy Fox Terrier Association. This for instance because we have the first Champion-TFT's in the Europe and also because our first breeding purpose in to produce healthy working dogs.

National Toy Fox Terrier Association recommends the Toy Fox Terrier Kennels.

The National Toy Fox Terrier Association aka NTFTA was established in 1949. Their desire is to advance the best interests of the UKC registered Toy Fox Terrier, to increase awareness of the breed, and to promote quality in the breeding and exhibiting of purebred Toy Fox Terriers.

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